Ministry of Education, BOM Teachers to be paid Ksh.60,000 salary arreas

Most of schools across the country  cannot do without the support of teachers employed by the Board of Management of Secondary schools.

These teachers always play a great role in influencing learners perfomance as they work hand in hand with their colleagues employed by TSC.

Following the announcement from the Ministry of education, the arrears of Ksh 60,000 for the BOMs teachers which has not been paid to them since the Month June 2020 last year to December 2020 same year will be eventually be paid.

The ministry of education defendend themselves well and explained the reason behind all the delay in release of the BOM  funds to schools.

The  exercise of verifications of names and other  details of all teachers employed by Board of Management across the country was the main reason why the salaries delayed to be released to schools.

In the letter directed to all TSC county Director from the Ministry of education, all schools that did not receive the funds for the period of June to December 2020 have eventually received the money. The funds were released to all the schools and the schools  Principals are expected to acknowledge the receipt of the funds and account for the same.

The ministry further highlighted that each BOM teacher will be paid a total amount of Ksh 60,000 for the period of June 2020 to December 2020.

All funds have been disbursed to schools accounts and should be paid immediately to all teachers without any delay and the Head of schools will later account for the same  the Ministry.

On addition the Ministry of education released the staffing guidelines ofemploying  BOM staff in schools. The information contained in the guidelines is as follows ;

  • Small schools across the country with one stream to employ upto a maximum of 5 workers
  • Schools with the highest population of leaners having fifteen(15) streams to employ a maximum of 37 workers.
  • All workers should have their employment being permanent and pensionable
  • Maximum payment for a non teching staff to be Ksh 41,000 monthly and minimum salry per month to be Ksh9, 961
  • The salary will not be uniform since every worker will have different qualifications attached to them.

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