*Ministry Of Education Changes Tune Again On Who Will Host Junior Secondary*

The government has clarified where junior secondary schools will be housed after the first batch of students complete their primary education through the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).


There has been some confusion regarding the transition process for CBC students who will be entering junior high school next year.


Julius Jwan, the Principal Secretary for Basic Education, has announced that the junior secondary school will be housed in both secondary and primary schools.


Dr. Jwan stated at St Peter’s Kotieno Secondary School in Rachuonyo South, Homa Bay County, when he commissioned the construction of additional classrooms, that in some cases, the government will use classrooms in primary schools to host learners transitioning to junior secondary schools.


Due to the implementation of the CBC, classrooms used by students in classes seven and eight will remain vacant. Jwan says because the classrooms are public resources, they will not be wasted. Instead, they will be used by junior secondary school students.


The PS urged residents to support the implementation of CBC, claiming that the 8-4-4 curriculum failed to recognize the competencies and skills of students who performed poorly in exams.


“The curriculum being phased is majorly focused on examinations which was a disadvantage for the students who have other skills,” said Jwan.


He contended that the CBC is built on developing talent.


Unlike other curricula, Jwan said CBC nurtures skills and allows all students to pursue their passions.


“Unlike the other curriculum, CBC is nurturing skills and offering all students to do what they are passionate about,” said Jwan.


He was accompanied by Odoyo Owidi, the chairman of the Lake Basin Development Authority, who urged the government to establish a clear policy on when a school should own a bus.

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