Ministry of Education, Importance of CBC system to learners that every parent should know

CBC Curriculum offers so many benefits not only to a learner but also the parents and the teachers. For it to be much successful, all stakeholders must be involved to their maximum.


CBC Curriculum Kenya was drafted by Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD). The curriculum was initiated in 2017 after being approved by the education ministry. The education system has  replaced the 8-4-4 system which has been in existence for quite a long period of time.


The  Competency Based curriculum(CBC)  has more focus on the importance of a learner’s ability to develop skills and acknowledge and apply those competency skills acquired to solve daily life challenges.


Competency Based curriculum(CBC)  operates on the basis of a 2-6-6-3 system with classes being named as Grades and has the major divisions. The divisions are listed below;

  • Early years Educations
  • Middle school Education
  • Senior school Education

CBC is much preferred to the 8-4-4 system because of the benefits the learner get during the learning process.

This benefits include;

  • Through CBC curriculum,  learners are tested on the ability to distinguish what they have learned in class and how practically they apply the skills outside classroom. In this manner, the teachers can identify every learner’s potential and know what works for them. Through this, the teachers can easily help the learner improve his or her strength and hence overcome their weaknesses.


  • The CBC curriculum of education requires parents to participate in their children’s positive outcomes during their primary education levels. Through this, parents are able  to provide a conducive learning environment by being the learners which in turn motivates the learners to progress in their learning institutions. Parents are therefore encouraged to collaborate with the teachers in providing basic requirements as they are required  by the school curriculum  to enhance the easy  progress of uninterrupted studies.


  •  According to students, CBC system, excellence is based on pre-eminence and interest areas rather than just completions for excellence in internal and external examinations and ranking.


  • CBC provides learners with a diver’s opportunities to learn from to help them narrow to talent identification and potential exploration according to their needs and capabilities. The system encourages learners to develop a positive attitude towards education by allowing them to access equal education opportunities. Through this cases of school dropouts is greatly reduced since every learner is encouraged to study in their area of interest


  • CBC curriculum helps in promoting the imaginative and creativity skills of learners. This is because it  does not bind the learner to what is entailed to the syllabus but allows the learners to expand their minds to discover new ideas and images and bring them into accomplishment. The learners can analyze and find discrete patterns to generate solutions that can positively affect the phenomenon.
  • It equips learners with flexibility in content exploration at different angles  hence promoting easy decision making ways.


  • CBC curriculum has its main focus in learners where it helps in discovering their potentials in life. Through this, learners are able to acquire knowledge and skills that help them connect with various disciplines as they advance in life


  • It encourages corporative learning with  learners to assimilate hence enhancing a positive growth among leaders.


  • CBC helps promote teacher-learner  alliance that will in tern  create an opportunity for progressive learner support in the flexible team work environment.


  • CBC curriculum helps in producing local experts who are development oriented. Also in CBC learners abilities are tested in both areas that is class work and co-curricular activities.


  •  The curriculum has much concentration in learners(learner centered). Through this teachers are able to familiarize themselves with learners hence creating  a good relationship among them in shaping the learner’s future talents.


  • Involving learners in community service helps the apply the knowledge acquired during learning period. Through this, a teacher is able to discover and spot the learners creativity and potential in discovering  specific talents.




  • Curriculum pp1
  • Curriculum pp2

Lower Primary

  • Curriculum grade 1
  • Curriculum grade 2
  • Curriculum grade 3

Upper Primary

  • Curriculum grade 4
  • Curriculum grade 5
  • Curriculum grade 6

Lower Secondary

  • Curriculum grade 7
  • Curriculum grade 8
  • Curriculum grade 9

Senior School Education

  • Curriculum grade 10
  • Curriculum grade 11
  • Curriculum grade 12

Higher Education

  • At least 3 years


Focusing on learners’ ability, the CBC curriculum can be said to be the best education system for learners. Maximum learners potential can be realized for the good of all.


Parents are therefore encouraged to support and embrace this type education system and avoid criticizing it  at all costs.

Do you agree that CBC has of more importance to learners compared to the previous 8-4-4 system?

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