*Ministry Of Education Makes Slight Changes In The School Calendar And Provides New Closing Dates For Term 3 As KCSE KNEC Exam Approaches. Check Out*

2022 is expected to be a very abnormal year in the education calendar. Going by a circular produced by the ministry of education, students will have to cover four terms in one year instead of three terms as it happens in a normal year.


All this is happening as the government tries to cover the time that was lost during the COVID-19 pandemic which led to closing of schools for more than 8 months.


This means that parents and guardians will have to dig deeper in their pockets to finance the school fees for the four terms in 2022.


Students have just reported back to their respective schools to complete the third term of 2021 which is scheduled to end in March 4th.

Term three will run for nine weeks. This means that learners will break for holiday on 5th March before resuming for the first term of 2022 on April 25th.


During this period (March 5th to April 24th), candidates in class eight and form four will be sitting for their final national examinations. Unlike in the other years when the calendar was normal,, official closing dates could be towards the end of March.

This time round, the education ministry came up with the calendar that all should be aware of and get prepared,, hence change of dates to the official 5th of March.


Term one of 2022 will begin on 25th April and end on 1st July. Learners will then break for ten days before resuming for second term on 11th July.


The term will run for ten weeks up to 16th September.Term three of 2022 will commence on 26th September and run for nine weeks up to 25th November 2022.



Thereafter, candidates in grade six, class eight and form four will sit for their final exams. The normal academic calendar will resume in January 2023.



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    Where is the break for elections in August?