*Ministry Of Education official Guidelines On Managing Discipline In Schools(memo attached)*


Following a string of schools fires and school walkouts by students from various schools across the country, the government has taken the initiative to release guidelines on managing discipline in schools.


Below is the circular containing guidelines on managing discipline in schools.

Ref No: MOEHQS/3/13/3

Date: 2nd December 2021

To: Regional Directors of Education

County Directors of Education

Sub-County Directors of Education


The Education Sector has experienced violent protests by learners that have resulted in catastrophic school fires, loss of students lives and destruction of school property. This has in the recent past disrupted learning. To ensure continuity of learning, there is a need for schools to implement administrative measures in order to address cyclic arson attacks and other acts of gross indiscipline. Refer to circular Ref. No MOE/3/13/3 (71) dated the 9th of November, 2021.


In this regard, schools are required to implement the following guidelines:


1. Operationalize the discipline procedures. The Boards of Management must approve the actions to be taken. Such measures include aligning the school rules to the Basic Education Act, 2012. All rules must be clear on infringement and consequences. Engage parents and school communities in the formulation of rules.


2. Operationalize and ensure proper guidance and counselling mechanisms are in place to deal with issues affecting learners academically and socially.


3. Ensure all learners participate in co-curricular activities by setting aside enough time each day for the students to exercise and nurture talents.


4. Ensure Physical education and life skills subjects are taught and not used for other purposes.


5. Treat arson cases as criminal acts and culprits to be apprehended in accordance with the law. Collaboration with security agencies is very important.


6. It is expected that in boarding schools, the Principal and the Deputy reside within the institution for effective supervision.



7. Maintain open communication channels with the learners through frequent discussion for a. issues raised through suggestion box be addressed during the open for a or the earliest opportunity.


8. Ensure learners are properly frisked any time they come into school and carry out periodic searches for drugs, alcohol and other contraband.


9. Implement pastoral care programmes to enhance discipline through the provision of spiritual nourishment to ingrain moral values and character formation.



10. Ensure undisciplined students are not transferred. Students who run away after committing crimes must not be allowed to escape responsibly.




11. Ensure staff are sensitized on their roles in supporting school programmes. Anyone found to have incited students to be dealt with by the Board of Management.


12. Ensure teachers employed by the school Board are registered with the Teachers Service Commission.


13. Work closely with the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government and County Government disaster management unit.


14. Enhance the security of the school by ensuring security measures are in place including but not limited to:


– Proper fencing of school compounds.


– Ensure security guards have the requisite training and are from reputable security companies/firms.


– Organizing training programs for schools personnel on threats to school programs.


– Profiling and counselling at-risk learners and individuals.


– Using technology to monitor school activities to help school administration identify trends and risks. Install CCTV in critical areas.


– Develop a Crisis and Emergency Plan.


– Activate Amani Clubs in schools to promote appreciation of diversity, peaceful; co-existence resolution among students.


You are required to bring the contents of this circular to the attention of all heads of institutions of basic education in your area of jurisdiction and ensure compliance.


Julius O. Jwan, PhD, MBS.

Principal Secretary

Copy to: Prof George A.O. Magoha, EGH

Cabinet Secretary

Ministry of Education

Dr Nancy Macharia, CBS



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