Ministry of Education Plans to Do this as from Monday next week



The third week of term one of 2021 is set to begin on Monday.The teachers and the students are up to the task to ensure that they clear the syllabus on time to avoid delays.



Many schools are however still settling after the hectic week of the form one admissions.




This time, the parents have actually felt the weight. This is because the Reopening of schools for the other students that is form 2,3,and 4, without forgetting the primary section happened almost the same time when form one reported to schools.



This has seen the parents spend a lot of money in preparing this kids to vet back to schools .The parents who had the form one children and at the same time some children in other forms definitely experienced a very  tough academic year 2021. This is an academic calendar which all parents will keep  remembering.



As the ministry of education closed the admissions of the students in schools, yesterday’s statistics revealed that 117,000 form ones are yet to report to schools.


Their whereabouts are yet to be known and the government will never relax at all if all these leaners will not report to schools.


On Monday,the ministry of education has planned an unusual search that will see the missing students get traced and taken to schools as highlighted in the standard newspaper.




With the Ministry having this plan next week, Education CS has already began facing opposition from his latest policy.



A few days ago,the CS stopped the registration of the new schools leaving in dilemma many private and public schools that are already on but are yet to be registered.



This has seen many  of netizens becoming furry as to why the cs decided to register schools. Parents now have to fond ways of vetting their kids other schools registered to avoid later dissapointments.




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