Ministry of Education, Rebranded 4-K Club and Young Farmers Club Program to be back in schools

The government of Israel donated 10,000 vegetable plants  during the launch of  of ebranded 4K club so as  to support its activities in Kenya.


“The roll out of this rebranded 4-K club is the part of the government project to the young learners” said the CS of Agriculture Peter Munya during the Distribution of  5,000 kale and 5,000 spinach plants to schools at Kilimo House.


He added that the aim of the programme was to utilise the energy and talent of young people  have so that they are at the core of  fulfilling the country’s food and nutrition agenda.


The president of Kenya his excellence Uhuru Kenyatta last month, has contributed greatly to the ongoing conversation on how youth can enhance their capacity and engagement in agriculture.


During the launch, he provided information that the programme will be rolled out to 10 schools in Nairobi which have been selected.


The selection was based on the availability of enabling infrastructure along with existing 4-K and youth farmer clubs in the schools, to ensure that the seedlings are nurtured till maturity. The mature seedlings will provide much  enough nutritional vegetables to the schools and even the broader markets



“As part of the Supplies for School Feeding Program, all schools will be expected to support clubs by using produce from the 4-K and Young Farmers Club projects.” the CS said.


The CS further said that the program coincided with the reopening of schools after a short break, thus the roll out of the programme will renew the momentum and enthusiasm that has been created among school learners in rebranded 4-K clubs and youth Farmers clubs have been observed. .



Munya reiterated that the school environment provides a unique and effective platform to change the perception of youth towards agribusiness, adding that 4-K and Young Farmers Club will be very complementary to the competency based curriculum.(CBC)


The CS said that the Government will continue to mobilize all  necessary stakeholders to support this program and ensure that  working and vibrant school clubs available to allow the young generation to access their talents and realize the many opportunities in agribusiness.


He further added that the rebranded 4-K Club program has adopted a positive youth development model as part of its efforts to make young people into responsible and proactive agents of community development, noting that the average age of the farmer fell below 65 years to 59 years.


The CS said that the Ministry is in consultation with the Ministry of Water, Sanitation and Irrigation to take advantage of the boreholes and water tanks that the Ministry is providing to the schools, so that this infrastructure is within 4-K and Young Farmers Clubs support agricultural projects in schools.


He also  encouraged schools to carry out the exercise of rainwater harvesting to support agricultural projects for sustainable food production for preparedness of project soon  as the vegetable plant are sent to schools,

We look forward to seeing the change, but also the development of clubs’ projects and initiatives to contribute to the food and nutrition security envisaged in the Big Four agenda.


Israel’s ambassador to Kenya, Obed Joseph, said that the cooperation between Kenya and Israel in the areas of agriculture and food security was important and congratulated the 10 schools that will receive saplings in the 4-K club’s impressive program.


The ambassador said that it is a great opportunity for all young people to become meaningful players in Kenya’s food security and it is his hope and wish that, with the contribution of Israel companies,  they will be  exposed to Israel technology and they Will see the benefits of Farmer.


Agriculture Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS), Anne Nyaga said that a youth in agriculture unit has been established within a detailed implementation framework to oversee the roll-out of the 4-K club model.


He said plans are also underway to sensitize and build county technical committees, school committees, school patrons, club members and build their capacity on the rebranded 4-K club model.

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