*Ministry of Education stake holders and Principals Proposes Ambitious Measures to End School Fires*

Measures to reduce the number of fires that rocked educational institutions this year were discussed at a meeting of school principals and other education stakeholders in Nakuru on Friday, December 3.


The principals proposed that the education ministry implement a range of measures, including setting up fire stations in schools, to extinguish the fire in a timely manner.


They noted that property worth millions of shillings is destroyed in fires, which have disrupted learning activities every year and left institutions counting immeasurable losses.


According to school heads, the idea of ​​having fire stations with trained firefighters in schools is not a far-fetched one and will deter parents from paying the huge bills to be incurred in rebuilding structures that have been demolished.


Security officials, who attended the meeting, asked the school board and parents to coordinate and talk to the learners to ensure that their grievances are being disseminated and addressed.


In addition, security agents – mainly police officers – noted that it would be important for schools to conduct background checks of staff members such as day and night guards to ensure that no one had a criminal record. Or he is capable of burning down schools. ,


Nakuru Police Commander County, Beatrice Kiraguri called on headmasters to be more vigilant and ensure that they obtain copies of good conduct certificates from those employed to work in their respective schools with students in order to burn down schools To avoid collusion with criminal elements.



County Executive Committee member for Education (CECM), Fredrik Oseway, said that communication between teachers and learners had broken down and this had contributed greatly to the cases of indiscipline.


Whenever boys and girls go on strike and burn property, it means they are communicating and because they are communicating that way, it means that communication has failed on some level,” Osewe said.


“Teachers should build a good rapport with all the students and create a conducive environment where the learners can share their grievances openly and the school administration takes this into consideration and offers solutions.”


Emotions and proposals by education stakeholders come in the backdrop of an admission by the Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, on Thursday, November 18, that his ministry was partially to blame for the recent school fires.


Responding to questions by nominated MP Wilson Sossion, Magoha listed the overcrowded school calendar as one of the reasons for the school fire.


He informed that the Ministry tried to adjust the school calendar to recover the time lost during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, the learners had to cover the syllabus within a short time frame.


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