Minor Changes to the School Calendar: Parents Should Expect Their Children to Return Home By These Official Dates

Learning on a myriad number of kenyan primary and Secondary schools was set rolling on the 25th day of April, 2022 in a devoted bid geared towards commencing the first term of the 2022 new academic year.






























With the Ministry of Education under the stewardship CS Prof George Magoha a year ago having redeemed the pivotal kenyan education from the ravaging effects of the deadly Corona virus pandemic through the remarkable institution of a crash academic programme, learners across the country are expected to spent to spent a myriad number of weeks in the education circle.





According to the newly institutionalized 2022 school academic calendar, learning activities during the first term of the 2022 academic year will take course for a time period of 10 weeks before closing on the 1st day of July 2022.




Students will break for a mid term break on 26th May, 2022 before resuming to their distinguished learning institutions on 29th May, 2022 to continue with the remainder of the first term.


After closure of schools in July, learners will be expected to spent a one week holiday before resuming back to school on 11th July, 2022 to start the second term of the 2022 academic year. The holiday will start on 2nd July 2022 and end on 10th July, 2022.




Learners will have a midterm break of 3 days starting from 11th August, 2022 to 14th August 2022.

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