*MoE issues Tough Readmission Conditions For Students’ As Schools Re-open leaving parents on a wider road. Checkout*

Learners in schools that were closed due to unrest last year must meet stringent requirements before being readmitted.


This was announced as investigators linked a city gang to student unrest in Central Kenya.


The conditions for readmission vary by school but typically include paying hefty fines, clearing outstanding fee balances, submitting to mandatory drug tests, and signing agreements that bind them to future good behaviour.


The situation is different for students who have been accused of organizing or participating in a variety of criminal activities that drew the attention of stakeholders as a wave of indiscipline and violence swept across the country.

A total of 380 students at Upper Hill School in Nairobi County who demanded to be released from school before the official closing date of the last term have been asked to report with their parents next week on Wednesday.


Students are also required to clear all outstanding fee balances, according to communication to parents.


“Dear parent/guardian, You are required to accompany your son back to school on Wednesday, January 12, 2022, at 9.00 am. He must be in full school uniform and school fees must be cleared in full. Upper Hill School,” the short message service text to parents reads.


Mr Masaku Muiya, the school’s principal, told the Nation that the school had to release the students to go home after pleading with them in vain to stay until the end of the school year.


“Before we released them, the school had experienced unrest from students and therefore we asked those who wanted to go home to go, 380 signed to go home while 1,200 remained in school until we released them on December 10,” said Mr Muiya.


The parents said it would be unfair for the school to punish those who chose to leave before the end of the school year.


“It is not right to ask students to go home willingly then start subjecting them to disciplinary action,” said the parent.


However, the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (Kuppet) urged parents on Tuesday to stop siding with their children and instead give their children sound advice.


Moses Mbora, Nairobi branch secretary of the union, stated that parents must teach their children to follow school rules.


“We cannot allow parents to encourage their children’s indiscipline. Those who are complaining must take responsibility and instil good discipline in their children,” he said.


And when Othaya Boys High School reopens today, 21 students will find out what happened to them. The local Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) office profiled the students and linked them to the criminal gang ‘Gaza,’ which has roots in the Nairobi neighbourhoods of Kayole and Mathera.


According to investigations, students affiliated with the gang assaulted those who refused to participate in the strike.


According to Florence Mutura, the local DCI chief, some members of the group are facing criminal charges, while others will be prosecuted.

We have their files and some of them are facing serious charges. Once we are through with investigations we will take them to court,” she announced during a meeting at the school in December.


The meeting also learned that some of the students were suspected of drug dealing in the school.


Parents at Bujumba Secondary School in Busia County protested Tuesday against the board of management’s decision to turn away students who had not paid a Sh5,600 fine for rebuilding a burned-down dormitory.


Only a few students returned, leaving parents puzzled as to why all of the students were punished for the dormitory fire while those suspected of starting it were arrested and charged in court.


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After walking out of school last term, students at Kangubiri High School in Nyeri County will report in stages. Form Four students arrived yesterday, accompanied by their parents.


Form One students are expected to return today (Wednesday), while Form Two and Form Three students are expected to return on Thursday and Friday, respectively.


All students were expected to arrive at school by 10 a.m., accompanied by their parents. They were also required to pay full school fees and a Sh2,622 fine to cover damages.

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