*MoE:CS Magoha Makes a crucial announcement to parents and learners regarding school reopening as from next week. Checkout out and get prepared*

Cs Magoha is on record as one of the education leaders who have spearheaded for the success of CBC as compared to other leaders.


According to most of the reports from social media platforms, CBC programs seemed to be quite expensive to parents and any other stakeholders.



According to most of the reports given out, it was noted that with CBC there will be a lot of programs come 2022 than ever. Moat of the activities and even exams were anticipated to be there and this was perceived to be overwhelming to the teachers.



According to TV47 Kenya report, it was reported that Cs Magoha made some big announcement concerning exams come next year and parents were told to be prepared for that.


In his announcement, he reported that the ministry is likely to have 5 examinations come next year which has never happened.According to his report, there will be normal exams that is KCSE and KCPE and some other three exams basing on CBC.




This was reported to have shocked many parents. Some of the parents reported to be given time when it comes to fees payment.




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