*MoE:Official Detailed School Calendar For 2022-2023 Released Today. Check It Out and prepare*

After a very short December holiday, the schools will reopen tomorrow. In a very unusual period, the schools will reopen for the continuation of the 2021 school calendar, the third term of the year 2021.



The third time of the 2021 school calendar will start on 3rd January and end on 4th March after a period of 9 weeks. The KCPE exams will start on 7th March 2022 and end on 10th March after four days of the same.

The KCSE exams will start on 11th of March and last for a period of 3 weeks and 1 day until 1st of April. After the exams, the KCSE marking will last for a period of 3 weeks from 4th of April to 22nd of April.


After a holiday of nearly 7 weeks to pave way for the KCPE, KCSE and the Marking process, learners will resume school for the beginning of their first term of the school year 2022 on 25th of April and will go on for a period of 10 weeks until 1st of July.


The second Term will last for 10 weeks from 11th of July to 16th of September where the learners will take a break of 10 days to get ready for the third term.



The third term will be from 26th of September to 25th of November.


The KCPE exams for the 2022 school calendar Year will begin on 28th November and end on 1st December 2022.


The KCSE exams will begin on 1st of December and end on 23rd December.


The marking will begin on the second day of January 2023 and end on 20th January 2023. Schools will then reopen school for the 2023 school calendar Year on 23rd of January.


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