More confusion to P1 teachers waiting to be deployed to secondary schools after the latest TSC announcements

The Teachers Service Commission had began deploying the P1 practising teachers who had attained C+ in form four and persued Bachelor of Education course in Secondary Education at the universities.



The deployment began in 2019.Since then,TSC has been advertising 1000 slots yearly for these teachers who qualify.The third lot is eargerly waiting for their letters that have started trickling in some counties.





The teachers who are waiting for deployment to secondary schools have been subjected to fresh confusions.TSC has rolled out the tpd modules training.



The teachers from both primary and secondary schools will be trained beginning this holiday.One key thing is now confusing those waiting for deployments in the near future.


At the moment,these teachers are majorly in primary schools before being deployed to secondary schools.They will go for the tpd modules as primary school teachers,pay fees and other materials and get trained as primary school teachers.


This will go on until they get deployed even after two years.Unfortunately, when they will get deployed to secondary schools,they will begin the trainings a fresh as secondary school teachers unless for the common courses for both levels.



It is still not clear how TSC will marry the certificates and renew their licences.Hopefully,things will be clear with time.Should they wait before going for the new trainings until they get deployed? Feel free to share your thoughts below.



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