More miseries to all primary school teachers as TSC directs them to do this immediately to secure employment

Primary teachers play a ln important role in the republic of Kenya. It is though them that we get lawyers, doctors and engineers. They set the base of every person’s career.


The teachers we currently have in Kenya hold certificates only. The government recently gave a directive that teachers should do a postgraduate diploma course.


Adding a degree will make it even better. The following reasons justify why they should do a degree program.

1. Depth of the content

Primary school content is very deep. Teachers have a huge task in delivering content to learners.

The teachers teach all the five subjects, giving them another challenge. A teacher who teachers more than four classes a day have a huge task.


To reduce the problems associating teachers, they should train for four years in universities like any other degree course.


2. To increase critical thinking and decision making

As a teacher, you have to be a quick thinker when it reaches problem solving. Issues like indiscipline in students should not bring headache to teachers. To enable them acquire problem solving skills better, a degree program for primary teachers should be introduced.

3. To build pride in teachers

Holding a degree in any society is a source of bride. If teachers are given the opportunity to pursue a degree as well, they will be proud of their careers. They will get recognized in their societies.


4. For professionalism

A profession is only recognized if it takes four years to study. The profession should contain ethics, principles, aims and objectives.


5. To make it unique

Teachers are awarded a lot of respect. To make it more unique, teachers should upgrade their skills in the available Kenyan universities.

The view above is a personal opinion

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  1. Fred simiyu says

    Now which way?tpd for 30 years or degree for 4 years?