More than 3000 private schools to be closed down by the Ministry of education

The Education cabinet secretary of Kenya Prof. George Magoha in a meeting held at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development(KICD) head quarters in July during the Launch of Physical Education(PE) and Sports policy for basic Education  made a statement that there was a likelihood  closing  those schools that are operating without meeting all the set standards for registration by the Ministry of Education.




He also added that  there was much discoveries that  a good number of schools in the country were operating without thorough scrutiny and even others not having licenses.




The quality Assurance officers all over the country were instructed by Prof. George Magoha to make an immediate response and identify all the schools that are not giving learners the correct education required.




Availability of space for exercise is one key requirement for a school to get registered and if the school does not the enough space no one should issue a certificate of registration to any school Prof. Magoha added.




The types of the schools that are going to be targeted are those that do not have the following :

~minimum number of learners required by the ministry of education,

~lack of enough infrastructures and piece of land.




He also added that the authority of registering schools will be solely taken back to Ministry of education with individual selected stakeholders given the major role to  play in registration.




According to the statements made by the Cabinet secretary of Education prof. Magoha, the schools that will be having their playing fields at the Neighborhood  will be exempted from this crackdown.




During the year 2019, thousands of learners were made to look for new schools when their respective schools were closed . This was because the  Ministry of Education had given directive of closure of all schools  which were operating without legal registration.




For this year- 2021, schools operating by employing teachers who are not registered by Teacher Service Commission(TSC) ,schools with structures that do not make  the learners learning environmentuse friendly and having more learners enrolled without any approval will be experiencing this closure crackdown by making their current license invalid.




In his statement, he outlined that all these schools will be closed down and begin a fresh registration exercise by following legal procedures. This has left parents and learners wondering what will befall them interms of their education.



Do you think this is the  right step to be taken by the Ministry of education in closing down the schools? Feel free to leave a comment below and share your thoughts.



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  1. Langat says

    This if not good move at all ..some are better they have a shelters what of those school in North Eastern parts. learning under shades.