More Troubles For Dp Ruto As A Company That He Assisted To Get 15 Billion Is Allegedly Suspended

Deputy president William Ruto is currently fighting for his Ally Harun Aydin release after being detained on terrorism links.



Ruto and his Allies have maintained that, Harun is just a n investor who is interested in setting business within the region and around the world.



Well, drama started few days ago when he was seen together with Deputy president heading to Uganda.



A Trip that was forced to change after the second in command was blocked from leaving the country.



Harun Aydin was however, allowed to leave, only to be arrested yesterday after arriving at the Kenyan airport.



Well, according to the report by the Saturday nation. The company which Ruto Helped to get money from equity bank was closed for money laundering claims immediately after the money was channeled to it.



It is Reported that Ugandan president himself had to intervine in person for everything to return to normal. More to follow…..

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