Mwaani Girls named cleanest school in Eastern region

As you step in the magnificent gate of Mwaani Girls Secondary School, a quick glance at the compound makes one wonder if their trees ever shed leaves because none can be seen on the ground.

The pavements in the school are so spotless and the students’ shoes so neatly arranged outside the classrooms that visitors are awed by their impeccable order. Shoes are not allowed in class, a clear attestation of the high level of cleanliness not only of the learning environment, but also the personal hygiene of every individual student.

It’s a school which has been posting remarkable grades and taking many students to university. This year, there was a marked rise in the KCSE mean grade score.

If cleanliness has a direct impact on academic performance, then Mwaani Girls is the model school. Eastern regional Director of Education David Sunguti, who visited the school for the second time this year while commissioning CBC classrooms, declared the school the cleanest in Eastern region.

“In terms of cleanliness you are the best. There was only one school which could compete with you but now I am convinced without doubt that you are the best,” Sugut pronounced.

He encouraged the girls to concentrate their efforts on their academics and direct their energies on productive study, just as they did to make their environment right for learning. He asked them to be patient and wade off men who were bent on ruining their lives.

“Get the necessary documents in education and wait for a man who will visit your parents for proper introduction but not those who jump over the fence at night,” he advised.

School Chief Principal Joan Muchina, as she thanked the director, said that cleanliness is a reflection of discipline and most likely results in good performance.

She said they were aiming at achieving their set target of 7.2, which according to her was achievable.


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