Mzee Jalas, Real name, family, education, age, career, children, salary and cars

Mr Jalas who is also term as Mzee Jalang’o is a kenyan born comedian, an MC in events, an Actor, a producer and a Tv host. Besides all these  he also contributed much in local films industry.

His success and good work he is doing in the entertainment industry has made most kenyans  yearn to understand much about him.

History of Mzee Jalas

Mzee Jalang’o was born in the year  1983 April 4th in Homabay county. His real name is Felix Odiwuor Kodhe. Getting enough meals three times a day was a dream in his family because his father couldn’t raise money to feed them that much.His father passed on when Jalang’o  received the first letter for New job which was Very sad news to him

Jalang’o age and family

Mzee Jalang’o was born in the year 1983 and now  he is 38 years  of age. He was born in  a family of three sons and three daughters.

His father loved them so much  up to a point where before he died he wrote a note wanting  Jalas to take care of the other siblings and ensure his mother live in a good built house.

Fulfilling his fathers desires Mzee Jalang’o has ensured that his other siblings are living well and also built a good mansion house for his  lovely mum.

Educational  history of Mzee Jalas

He started his primary level education in Homabay Lake primary school where he scored four hundred and twenty seven(427) marks out of five hundred (700)

Luckily, he was called to join Maseno school to continue with his high school education. Due to the humble background he was raised in, his father had to struggle and find ways to raise the school fees that was required and also purchase  school uniform. Jalang’os’ father went ahead and organised a fundraising   from friends and family relatives. 

Mzee Jalang’o did not report to school for admissions on the day the letter indicate due preparation for getting school fees. This made his father take him to school the following week. On that day arriving in school, they found that his chance had been taken by another  student.

His father decided to try luck in another school, luckily enough he got a chance in Bar kanyango secondary school in siaya county. Surprisingly Mzee Jalas  was forced to use the Maseno school uniform since the father had no money  to purchase a new school uniform.

School fees still continued to be a major problem while in school. This forced him to be transferred to another school known as Nyang’oma secondary school. He kept on working hard  despite all the challenges he had and finally scored a mean grade of C+ in final year KNEC examination.

Joining University to further his studies became a dream to wish since his dad did not have the money to support him persue his dreams.

Mzee Jalang’o decided to venture into small business where he started selling  fish hence he was in a position of getting some few shillings for himself.


Mzee Jalang’o career Journey

Mr Odiwuor had started Selling fish in his home county where he was later recruited to one of the fish company in Homabay where he operated as a fish monger. He decided to move and taste a new life in  Nairobi city where he lived with his uncle in Lavington Estates and later  moved to  an uncle who was living in Embakasi slums.

While in Embakasi, Mr. Felix moved into Arts which was his  childhood dream. Life did not get any easy again as he expected, he was forced to  find a way to help his uncle get food where he started working as a ‘Mjengo’ man.

As he decided to join in Arts industry, he kept on attending Auditions in Kenya National theatre upto a moment where he was accredited a chance to perform setbooks acts in theatre groups.

For the three years he performed in the groups he never got something for his pocket but he kept pressing on, working harder and harder until when he joined papa shirandula film which was being aired on citizen television. This is the moment when doors of blessings opened up for or him.

Still in  acting, he applied for a job at Kiss 100 to be a radio presenter, luckily he got a letter calling him to go to work together with Caroline Muthoko as a co-presentor.

Mixing joy with sorrow, this was the same day when his father passed on. Mr Jalang’o went on with his hard work where he has managed  to work in different Radio stations and he has been a life changer to many in the Nation.


He has worked in Radio  Maisha, Hot 96 FM, and Milele FM. Through his  hard work he has also managed to get a degree in community Development from Daystar University. He is also among the highest paid radio presenter and the CEO of Arena  media. He aslo has a youtube channel- Jalang’o Tv  which makes him a lot of money.

Jalang’o wife and salary

Mzee Jalang’o is happily married to a beautiful lady from Taita – Amina  Chao where they had luxurious private wedding in the year 2019. They are also blessed with a daughter called Amani.

Mr Felix is earning handsomely in his current radio station Kiss 100. Apart from that he makes a lot of money from being an MC of an event where he charges upto Ksh 200, 000 per event.

He owns luxurious  houses in siaya  and Nairobi. He also owns expensive cars like Mercedes, Maybach , Land cruiser V8, BMW X6 and Range Rover.


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