New Basic Revised TSC Salaries & Job Grading system For all teachers 2022/2023

The Salaries and Remuneration Commission approved a three-phase compensation pay  hike for teachers. What new TSC salaries are offered?

With the planned implementation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) by the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, the tutors’ street shouts of “solidarity forever for the union makes us strong” will finally stop.

The New TSC salaries and grading system.

New TSC teacher salaries and grading system are given in the  broken down below.

A number of some job groupings were eliminated and others merged as a result of the current TSC upgrading of teachers.

These grade previously known as P1, which was under Job Group G, was eliminated under the new system of rating tutors and replaced with Grade B5.

New admission grade for all primary school tutors was set at the grade mentioned above.
Other grades that came after were reorganized and given the following order.

J to C1

K to C2

L to C3

M to C4

N to C5

Additionally, to grades  J to N there was another rank that belonged to the higher band which was designated as P, Q and R. These three were later renamed to:

P to D1

Q to D2

R to D3

Kenyan National Union of Teachers requested for an additional job groups S and T, which the commission granted.

With  the new grading, the two categories were named D4 and D5, respectively. The chief principals now fall under category D5 of the new grading system.

TSC new salary scale for the  teachers

As per to the TSC salaries circular released, the Teachers Service Commission will enumerate the pay rise of different tutors according to their job groups for both the primary and secondary school tutors.

The Kenyan teachers’ new salary scale will be effected on job groups ranging from H, J, K, L, M, and N.

Since the signing of the Collective Bargaining Agreement in 2016, the implementation of the three-phase cycle has been in progress, and it is currently at its third phase as per the TSC CBA implementation schedule.

A part from elongating the TSC salary scale for trainers in the Teacher-Scale 13, T-scale 12, and T-scale 9, the commission has also revised some of the allowances such as commuter, hardship, and annual leave.

Equally all the other subsidies will remain unchanged.

The New salary structure for teachers in Kenya

Under  this 3rd phase, Henry Rotich, the National Treasury Cabinet Secretary, stated that a total of three billion Kenyan shillings had been allocated.

The above amount will cater for new recruitment, recurrent expenditure as well as the implementation of this 3rd CBA phase. Below is the TSC salary scale per job group according to the KNUT latest news on teachers pay as per the third phase of the CBA:

With Chief Principal – Ksh. 165, 089 (minimum), and Ksh. 200, 928 (maximum)

With  Senior Principal – Ksh. 143,748 (minimum) Ksh. 174,270 (maximum)

With Principal GAT I – Ksh. 129,527 (minimum) Ksh. 155,894 (maximum)

Principal GAT II – Ksh. 80,190 (minimum) Ksh. 97,290 (maximum)

For Senior GAT – Ksh. 69,590 (minimum) Ksh. 83,840 (maximum)

With  GAT I – Ksh. 61,910 (minimum) Ksh. 71,880 (maximum)

With GAT II – Ksh. 46,020 (minimum) Ksh. 56,590 (maximum)

With  GAT III – Ksh. 34,662 (minimum) Ksh. 39,918 (maximum)

With  ATS IV – Ksh. 28,323 (minimum) Ksh. 33,662 (maximum)

With P1 – Ksh. 25,692 (minimum) Ksh. 30,304 (maximum)

TSC salaries 

Most teachers will have to walk home empty-handed since their increment was concluded during the first two phases of CBA implementation. Secondary school tutors under the current job group C2, formerly known as job group K with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education or any other of its equivalent, will not be receiving any pay rise during this 3rd phase.

It  means that the TSC job group k salary scale remains at a minimum of Ksh. 34, 955, and a maximum of Ksh. 43, 694.

Equally the same time  some secondary school teachers salary in Kenya will not be affected as they belong to the non-increment group for the third phase. The other categories of trainers whose salary increment was only scheduled for the 1st and 2nd phase are:

The teachers  Service Commission has lined up more than 10 000 posts to be filled by interns, also known as the graduate trainee. The successful applicants will be absorbed into teaching for one year since the internship is scheduled for twelve months.

All teacher’s trainees are entitled to a monthly stipend of Ksh. 10, 000 for primary school trainees and Ksh. 15, 000 for secondary school trainees. However, this amount is subject to statutory deductions where applicable.


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