New method used by criminals to con parents and teachers discovered. check out for more details below and be warned


  • A parent arrives in school with a lorry full of cereal bags  after being tricked
  • seven registers recovered from four women pretending to be  parents from different schools.

According to recent discoveries , criminals have taken much step in their ways of operations after starting to use visitors book in learning institutions to trick  parents and teachers.


This information is being shared to these conmen by security guards so as the information of learners is used to make the conmanship acts easily without any parent and teacher realizing easily.


The information that is entailed in the book that they  obtain is, the name of the parent, ID number, phone number, class of their learner and the registration number of the vehicle.



Recently, In Nyeri many school have been experiencing the problem of losing the visitors books. Like in Karatina Girls high school in Nyeri, a couple drove to school and stooped outside the gate to seek help from a security  guard.



The woman had requested the security guard with cold water to cool her car engine which  she was given. After the couple drove off, the security guard was so shocked after realizing that the school visitors book was missing. Surprisingly, the watchman did even at first when issuing the helping hand to note the vehicle registration number.




The matter was later reported to Karatina police station. strangely after a week, parents and the school staff teachers started receiving some strange short messages into their phones. The conmen had told them some of them that a good deal of tendering would be offered to them if they had sent some cash to given specific number. Interestingly some parents were able to fall into the trap.



Later a parent came to school with a lorry having bags of cereals only to realize  he had been coned.  It is unclear how many schools in Nyeri town that are targeted Nyeri county director of education cited. He said that the matter was taken as a concern.



In Baringo county, four women were arrested  after they pretended to be parents when they tempted to steal the visitors book in Mogotio sub-county. On the same occasion, the police officers recovered some 7 visitors books from different schools.

Through this, school are really encouraged  to put more emphasis in safeguarding the schools visitors books so as to  prevent the conmen from accessing such crucial information from schools.






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