New TSC list of subjects combination which have been Banned completely from permanent employment following yesterday announcement

Teachers’ service commission Tsc has given some highlights on the latest TSC requirements that must be considered before enrollment in post graduate diploma in education for them to be considered for employment once such opportunities are advertised by the commission.


All teacher graduates are expected to have already pursued Bachelor of arts /BA/ and Bachelor of science /BSc/ degrees should enroll for a PGDE if they have adream of becoming secondary school teachers in Kenya


Tsc portal on the latest highlights registration qualifications where the commission strictly states that holders of relevant bachelor of arts and bachelor of science both degrees will only be considered for employment as secondary teachers in Kenya after completing a PGDE course study.




The Commision guides that one should meet the following minimum qualifications before enrolling for a PGDE, that is if they are taking it in the hope that it will help them secure a job as a high school teachers upon graduating.


Employment requirements include:

a)one must be a degree holder in bachelor of arts/bachelor of science from a recognized university in Kenya.


b)One must have scored a mean grade of C+ in their O levels.


c)one must must have obtained a minimum grade of C+ in the two teaching subjects they intend to specialize in.


The Commission also recommends that a teacher can also register for the PGDE if he/she needs to build a career as a technical teacher in a relevant area.




Teachers with technical qualifications,here are PGDE requirements : must have scored a mean grade of C+ in his/her O levels or its equivalent.


Acceptable also are

b.principle pass and 2 subsidiaries at the ‘A’ level.


c.must have achieved C+ minimum kcse grade or a credit pass in the two technical subjects you intend to specialize in.


d.must have a bachelor of education technology from a university approved by the commission of higher education CEU .


e)must have a bachelor of Science degree in the applicable technical Subjects/ Course.


N/B that for the employment of technical teachers TSC asks for either a PDGE or a post graduate diploma in technical education from .




All teachers graduate teachers must have studied at least 8 course units at the undergraduate level in every teaching subject before they start investing in PGDE.


These details cuts a cross all the degrees.


Therefore means that there is no need to waste time and money pursuing a PGDE if you won’t be eligible for consideration for secondary school teaching vacancies afterward hence it is critical that you observe the above conditions.


The teachers service commission has notified the public that individuals who have pursued the following courses should not waste time enrolling for PGDE for they will not be registered as teachers under the teachers register.


A list of Bachelor Of Science And Arts Degree Teaching Courses that have been banned by TSC


1. Natural resources


2. Meteorology


3. Forestry.


4. Animal husbandry


5. Horticulture


6. Farm machinery


7. Fisheries.


8. Anthropology


9. Sociology


10 Theology/Divinity


11. Journalism.


12. Kiswahili and Communication


13. Business Management/administration


14. Banking and Finance


15. Genomics.


17. Environmental science


18. Criminology


19. Biotechnology.


20. All courses related to engineering.


21. Industrial chemistry.


22. Biochemistry.


23. Hospitality and tourism


24. Foods, nutrition and dietetics


25. Technology and applied biology


26. Microbiology.


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