New twist as TSC launches new plan on how it will carry out the 30 yrs TPD training modules for teachers

Teachers Service Commission, TSC has launched a stakeholder platform for Teacher Professional Development, TPD. TSC sought feedback from stakeholders on how it can improve the program which does not go down well with the teachers


One of the challenges TSC faces is that the program can be funded after only a few teachers registered with four recognized service providers. , The chief administrator of Basic Education revealed last week that only 20,000 teachers have applied for the programme.


The administrator, speaking in Nandi County, said unskilled teachers are a threat to the implementation of the new curriculum. He said teachers should seek funding from county bursaries and the CDF to facilitate their training.


TSC received several proposals to adopt TPD for teachers without feeling the financial burden. Stakeholders present on the TPD program, starting this December, presented their proposals and recommendations.


Teachers unions knut (Kenya National Union of Teachers) and KEWOTA (Kenya Women Teachers Association) also participated in the event held at the CEMASTEA ground in Karen.


KNUT general secretary Collins Oyuu reiterated his support for the program but asked teacher employers to improve teachers’ salaries for smooth implementation of the programme.


He said that teachers should not be compared with other professionals like doctors and lawyers as such comparisons make the teacher small. Kevota’s president, Dorothy Muthoni urged TSC to be more engaged in communicating new policies like TPD.


He challenged the stakeholders to help develop ways of sourcing the funds needed to launch the programme. However, the proposals issued include reducing the annual leave allowance for TPD training to reduce the pinch of payment from the monthly salary of teachers.


Teachers earn leave allowance every February based on their workgroup. Should the proposal be adopted, the power of teachers in the lowest job group would be lost. 4,000 which is paid annually as leave allowance, however, some TPD service providers say they will spread it. 6,000 TPD fee for teachers to make payment easier.


KEMI, one of the institutes, says it accepts nominations for the program along with ksh 500 per month. Service providers also say that from this December the introductory module will be completely online to enable them to provide local level face-to-face training for teachers.


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