New twists emerges on CBC curriculum leaving CS Magoha in panic

The Ministry of Education, through the Cabinet Secretary of the Ministry of Education, George Magoha, has finally gave in to pressure from various stakeholders and has started reviewing the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).




On Saturday, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) CEO Charles On’gondo announced to the public that all concerns raised by parents, teachers and the public at large would be addressed.




Further, he outlined the process saying that the first review process will target pre-primary up to grade 3 and is already progressing and is scheduled to be completed by January 2021.



“Our review cycle comes next year as we finish Grade 6 and by 2023-2024, we believe there are aspects of the curriculum that we would have reviewed, not improved, on,” On’gondo addressed the press in Naivasha .




The ministry’s response comes after Nelson Havi, president of the Law Society of Kenya, vowed to sue the Ministry of Education and CS over the CBC implementation.



According to Havi, the CBC model is wasting parents’ money, teachers’ time and is not important for the students so it should not be implemented at all.



Do  you support the review of the CBC curriculum or you agree with the implementation?. Feel free to share your thoughts below in the comment section.



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  1. Julie says

    CBC is a waste of time. Which child puts on rags in the name of improvisation. Where do we as parents get sisals that are to be used for weaving,we need to buy them,buy clay soil for Pottery since its not where we stay. Give us peace, life is stressing us already

    1. Saidia says

      CBC…is wasting our children…let’s put it in a pit..and forget about it. The govnt should just look into the 8 .4.4. and provide more learning materials on wondering with these leaders , struggling with a useless curriculum , wastage of money and time

  2. Samwel Odhiambo says

    CBC is a monster n should be thrown to dust been…

    What Ministry should do is to strengthen the current 8.4.4 by introducing talent search programs, and other subjects, the same it used to be during our fathers. It should in addition Introduce Milk as it was during Moi time.
    It should also strengthen It , ( digital learning) and other aspects of 21century teaching and learning tools.

  3. nura abduba says

    I personally I can’t accept CBC, because CBC does not allow equality education countrywide. Not all students do access to learning materials such as computers.

  4. emily koros says

    CBC for sure should be stopped,the implimentors are totally confused and totally confused and seem not well equiped even after several training.844 should only be blended with some CBC contents that were missing

  5. En Hadassah says

    According to me and I believe many other parents, CBC is taking us back to STONE-AGE which cannot happen by all means. We have witnessed our children build manyattas with clay soil, built grass thatched houses, make scarecrows among very many other bogus things that does not make any sense at this era and age. We ourselves did not do that nonsense at our time. To make the matters worse, most of these projects always costs money. A child in the evening is telling you that they are supposed to go with three pullover threads, another day a seasaw and a hummer. And another day beads of all sizes. Where do you get all these things almost on a daily basis and yet you have paid full school fees. This Government is just enjoying and oppressing the parents at the same time with things that are not helping our children at all. The system should be stopped with immediate effect.

  6. Mohamed Hared says

    CBC is useless curriculum and should be stopped with immediate effect. 844 is the best syllabus that is suitable to our children, only strengthen it not scrapped from nowhere.

  7. Parick says

    First, to know what you have achieved you should do an exam which is lacking in Cbc. Secondly, the education system in Cbc is too simple comparing with the 8-4-4 ie compare the two books and see that this is not challenging as expected of an education system. Finally, this system Cbc has been rushed and even the teachers have not had time to prepare and acquaint. ie. a teacher who was trained for the previous system needs a retraining of some sort.

  8. Marka says

    I don’t agree…let the government prepare and be ready by installing all the necessary infrastructure be it implements it. The CBC is only good and effective and also beneficial if it has all the required infrustructure…