Tenweek Boys high school has been closed indefinitely after the students started rioting in school and the principal revealed that they decided to send the students home quickly to avoid further destruction in the school.



He revealed that the police officers arrived within the school institution and managed to quell the students before causing damage in school.



Tenweek Boys high school is among the top schools that have been closed in the country which includes Buruburu Girls in Nairobi, Litein boys in Kericho and Chavakali in Bungoma.



However, while I was passing near the school at around 4 o’clock some of the students were shouting within the institution and I thought that they were playing but rather they had started disrupting school.



The big question is what is happening to our students in school and how will the government manage to solve such cases of fire in school that has to continued to rise in the country?



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