News just in! Universities to be closed indefinitely

It’s not going to be business as usual as the world Bank is strongly pushing for the closure of several universities in the country.


The bank which finances education matters in a bid for sustainable education for everybody is now requesting the country to close most of them.

The country today has 102 campuses Nationwide. The bank is pushing for a merger of crisis striken universities.

They are supposed to audit and close some to reduce expenditure. This order if effected will ensure that the country is spending very little in sponsoring education.


At the same time several staff will be sent packing. However this is against the human right and labour relation laws.

The law doesn’t allow workers to be sent home just like that. At the same time the students in the affected institutions will have to look for alternative schools to complete their studies. This will be costly and unfavorable for them.

Some of the affected universities includes Moi university, Egerton university and university of Nairobi. We wish them all the best.

The view is personal opinion.

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