No more humiliation to Employees after court gives the following order

The court of law Kenya has implemented a law that will favor all employees in Kenya.



The court of law Kenya has officially declared that employers in Kenya will no longer have power to fire their employees who are on the probation without giving a clear explanation as to why they are being dismissed.



This law implementation comes after a collective conclusion of a three judge bench who declared that doing so is unconstitutional and a violation of the law.



According to the information revealed by the Star magazine, Justice Monica Mbaru, Justice Jorum Abuodha and Linnet Ndolo said according to the constitution of Kenya,any employer does not posses a right to fire his or her employee without a clear explanation as to why he or she does so.



However,the employment court also affirmed that the law does not employee an opportunity to shop for a union representative or even plead a case which is against the supreme law.



During the process,the court also observed that although several laws have been declared unconstitutional by the courts, however,they have not been amended or replaced by the Parliament,a thing which bring a lot of challenges.



This court order will actually favor employees who have been always humiliated by their employers.



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