No More Interviews As TSC Promises Unemployed Teachers That They Will Be Sent To Their Place of Work By Posting Them Automatically

The unemployment crisis in the country resurfaced when around 356,000 unemployed teachers applied for 14,000 positions which were announced by the Teacher Services Commission (TSC) last month.The large number of candidates creates the basis for a competitive process that will frustrate hundreds of thousands of people who get employment opportunities. This is true despite the shortage of teachers in public primary and secondary schools.

The TSC recruitment roadmap states that the online survey has been completed on July 7 and the registered candidates will be announced on the TSC web site. It is expected to be completed sometime this week.For each position advertised, only the top five candidates will be nominated, except in the past, when official, an official list will be made, and only a handful will be able to accept employmentTSC Director General Dr Macharia stated that the workshops that will be held during the training will work on further employment during the financial year.

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However, there may be few who apply in areas such as Origin [arid and semi-arid], ”he said. TSC aims to complete the selection process and consideration of complaints within the next two weeks before successful applicants report to the school on 1 September 2022. With 219,311 teachers interested in 4,000 new inventions, post-primary vacancies attract the most candidates.Of the 1,000 elementary teachers who were placed by the commission, 136,833 appliedfor vacancies. Selected candidates will be recruited at the district level before being sent to school.

In addition, TSC has advertised 8,230 jobs to replace teachers who are out of employment due to natural attractions. A total of 327,882 applications were received for the split between primary schools (6,539 of them) and primary schools (1,691).

In the TSC, Mandera, Garissa and Wajir districts, approval measures have been implemented to promote the office. Teachers in other areas have been reluctant to be sent to the area due to increased security, which is often targeted by foreigners.TSC plans to employ 1,230 teachers in the area permanently with pensions and contracts. 21,194 job candidates.

A candidate must be a teacher on the board of directors in Garissa, Mandera or Wajir districts, if not three,” said Dr Nancy Macharia, CEO of TSC when announcing the vacancy. This is to encourage teachers in the area to apply.






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