No pay cut for teachers and other civil Servants, His excellency the president orders in his latest announcement

The County is grappling with the adverse effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in the country.Over 4000 Kenyans have lost their innocent lives due to this pandemic since last year in March





Thousands of infections have been reported.Currently,the Delta variant is wrecking havoc in the country with daily infections rates surpassing 13%.






The vaccines are slowly getting into the country with the latest one,Moderna vaccines already becoming known to Kenyans.




Unfortunately,there have been slow uptake of the vaccines by Kenyans who have relaxed even in observing the containment measures.





This reluctancy forced the Government to force the teachers and civil servants to go for the jab.




Unfortunately,majority of them got dissapointed after lining up in many health facilities and ending up not receiving the jab due to lack of the vaccines.




The teachers are now greatly relieved by the President in his latest announcement.Presifent Kenyatta has clearly said that no Kenyan will be forced to go for the jab.




However,he has urged Kenyans to get the jab for their safety and of others too.This statement relieves teachers and civil servants who had already started panicking that they would lose August salaries.



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