No sending of learners back home for school fees, institutions heads warned

Fee burden is something that has been stressing most parents who struggle to make a living. Every parent always wishes well for their own kids to get better education.


This education will in return help them depend on themselves and even later support their parents once they complete.



Most parents continue sacrificing the little they have to ensure that their children get better education by staying in school for all the days.



However, it is always too sad that some school heads seem not to recognize these efforts, instead, they will always keep pressing them.





This is through sending the children back home to collect school fees when it is not available. This has always made some of them quite school.



The ministry of education through the CS has sent a major warning to all school heads. They have been warned against sending students back home over fee arrears.



In addition , there are those schools which usually increases their school fees by a bigger margin. A warning has been sent to such schools directing them to put fee structures on notice boards for transparency.



This set to relieve parents and keep  them free from being forced to pay additional fees which are not clearly stated in fee structures


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