Official, All BOM Teachers to be employed in the next employment exercise according to the latest released TSC Report


The current recruitment of Kenyan teachers is usually done on a fair and equitable competition.



This includes, but not limited to a common marking scheme, common station for recruitment and online distribution of marks that transparently could not raise any alarm of  favourite candidate





The introduction of these common measures, shortlisted teachers are to compete equally, without fear or favour






Many of the teachers who are shortlisted always  apply through the TSC website that gives one an opportunity to choose the school and places of their choices.This is something that makes  them comfortable in scenarios where they secure the employment.




According to the commission’s report on the recently concluded interviews, the selections done were more of teachers who had  overstayed for more than seven years.




Theses teachers could only work for not more than fifteen years due since their retirement age could reach early. Most of them were of arts combinations, whose chances are nowadays very minimal.




In addition, the commission is aware that some subject combinations have many teachers, and that many of them are more than five years after  graduation.So could one wish to get employment, they are to make themselves favorite for the job.




According to exclusive reports from the TSC’s experts, the commission has come up with a strategy of good will that could mostly affect the overstayed teachers.





The reports suggest that those teachers who do not get jobs after five years would be taken to any school around the country, whether Turkana, Marsabit, Isiolo or Kwale, on temporary basis, where the teaching staff is very scarce.





Report also suggested that teachers who will not move to any of the school by the sixth year will be reducing chances of being employed by the commission.





The implementation of this policy, if adopted, might deter the passion and hardwork of non employed teachers who have the heart to revive the dreams of the Kenyan child.




The aforementioned policy was reportedly arrived at due to the fact that the newly recruited teachers, on replacement of the retirees, have little or no mastery of the content because of lack of practice.




As others struggle to get experience on BOM terms, others, who are fully trained teachers, stay away doing other business, just to wait for recruitment exercise as they yearn for jobs that their score makes them unopposed for the job.






Though in real sense, they come for the job they don’t really deserve, and make BOM teachers lose what they deserve. Therefore, teachers on BOM have a displayable record that makes them favorites for jobs.



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