Official, JKUAT approved semester dates 2021/2022 Academic year



Jomo Kenyatta university of agriculture and technology (JKUAT) is emerging as one of the most attractive universities for higher education in According to KUCCPS statistics, JKUAT admissions for the past three consecutive years have been on top.





In 2017/2018,the university admitted 4,886 students.In 2018/2019,5,901 students were admitted.In 2019/2020 a total of 6,008 students were admitted.In the current year 6,529 students were placed by KUCCPS.






According to the admission management system, admissions are to be done in two groups due to the pandemic whereby the first group is expected to report in Early September and the second group to report in January.





However,the academic calendar states that registration and orientation program for the first year students who join in the first group will commence on 6th September to 10th September 2021





.For the continuing students the registration will be on 9th to 10th September 2021.Learning weeks will be from Monday 13th September 2021 to Friday 3rd December 2021.Examination will start on Monday 6th December to Friday 17th 2021.





Students who will join with the second group registration and orientation for new students will be from Monday 3rd January 2022-Friday 7th January 2022.Semester duration will proceed for 16 weeks starting from Monday 3rd January 2022-Friday,22nd April 2022.Examination period is from Monday 11th April 2022 to Friday 22nd April 2022.




Due to COVID protocols learning process is going to be done online in most fields.Students who are joining are supposed to access the school portal inorder to download their admission letters.The list of students with ready admission letters are being posted in the school page.




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