Official, KNEC announces sponsorship for DTE, DPTE, DECTE and Diploma Upgrading teachers program, procedure and application deadline

The Kenya National Examination Council (Knec) has announced today 250 scholarships for October intakes and January intakes which are ongoing.



The sponsorships are available at International Teachers Training College. The sponsorships are as outlined below; 1) Diploma In Secondary Teacher Education (DTE).


There are 50 vacancies and one must have at least C+and above to apply.

2) Diploma in Primary Teacher Education (DPTE) There are 100 vacancies and one must have at Least C plain and above to qualify.


3) Diploma in Early Childhood Teacher Education (DECTE).

The available vacancies for application are 100 and for one must have the following Least C plain and above to apply.


4) Diploma Upgrading to DPTE and DECTE

The  available vacancies are 100 vacancies for one to apply he or she   must have PTE certificate for DPTE upgrading or ECDE certificate for DECTE upgrading.



In addition one must be registered with Teachers Service Commission (TSC). Kindly Note that online classes are also available.



Application procedure

To Apply Sms your details to 0717484651 or apply online using or check International Teachers Training College website



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