Official, list of Counties that pay ECDE teachers highest salary amount monthly revealed, below is the full list



Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) is the foundation for children’s growth where they are taught the  basics  and are able to gain enough basic knowledge such as holding pen, simple reading, writing, singing etc



These teachers have very  strenuous times as they train the kids from scratch. They receive learners who are ‘tabular lasa’, – who do not know anything at all.



Being an ECDE teacher demands passion, dedication and hard work that  most netizens miss. Everyone expects that these teachers be the most highly paid workers.





But, these teachers fall in the category of the the least paid workers  in the country. Majority are paid peanuts , the amount that can’t sustain their upkeep despite their difficult task in preparing kids for  future  life.




Primary and Secondary School teachers are always paid by the Government and the teachers  employer(TSC). Payment here is equal and evenly distributed.




ECDE teachers are paid by the county government of respective counties. Since every county has its own guidelines on how it pays these teachers, definitely homogeneity in salary payments is missed hence becomes a worrying issue to them.




Below ate counties that offers good deals in salary payment to ECDE teachers.

While some counties offer these professions a lucrative salary, some pay them peanuts. Turkana County happens to be the only county where ECDE teachers are paid more than Kshs 40,000.




In this county, an ECDE teacher with a Diploma takes home Kshs 43,000 while a Certificate holder bags Kshs 37,000.





Kajiado and Mandera counties rank second and third in the list. In Kajiado, degree holders earn Kshs 35,000, while Diploma and Certificate holders earn Kshs 30,000 and Kshs 20,000 respectively. Mandera offers Kshs 30,000 and Kshs 28,000 to Diploma and Certificate holders respectively.




Some counties offer these teachers less than Kshs 10,000 monthly regardless of their qualifications. These counties include Kiambu, Kakamega, Laikipia, Narok among others.




ECDE teachers have been urging the government to regulate their pay by placing them under TSC  just like their counterparts teachers but all has been vain



We are still hoping that TSC will eventually listen their cries and take an action so as they will enjoy th teaching profession as others do and help build the education sector




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