Official, New Salary Scales For Teachers per Job group As Proposed by KNUT

Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has demanded from  the Teachers Service Commission to review teachers’ salary where lowest paid teacher could get a raise of  a total of  Sh14,550, increasing their salary to a total of  Sh38,800.

 As per  to KNUT,  2021–2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) to effect a 60 per cent salary increase for the 300,000-odd teachers.

At the moment,the  teachers at Job Group B1 have a basic salary of Sh24,250.

Just Incase  this push gets TSC’s green light, then highest paid teachers, who fall under Job Group D5 will get a salary increase of about Sh89,016. Thus this  implies that teachers’ new salary to Sh237, 376 up from the present Sh148,360.

In addition, this  union wants the government to foot their refresher training courses to cushion teachers from the high cost of living.

The  union has urged Members of Parliament to approve Sh4.5billion to cater the Teacher Professional Development (TPD) refresher courses for teachers.

It has also proposed for a clear a review of promotion criteria to benefit tutors who have obtained higher qualifications.

According to Mr Oyuu , there are over 60,000 teachers with additional  qualifications such as degrees, masters and PhD and they deserve to be promoted.

A few days a go, TSC and the union has an active CBA that only provided for enhanced maternity and lenient transfers to cushion couples.

Also two weeks ago, the TSC and teachers union retreated to Naivasha for possible review  of the CBA among other issues.

As per to Oyuu,President Uhuru Kenyatta announced a salary increment for civil servants during Labour Day celebrations; a proof that the country’s economy has recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic shocks.


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