Official, Promotion From Job Group K To P Within four years causes alarm among TSC teachers

Promotions within government agencies like the teachers Service Commission is very hard to happen


It’s therefore not uncommon to come across teachers who have stagnated for over ten years in one job group since they started the teaching career.



The most affected job group is L or C3 which requires one to go for interviews after three years so as to move to C4 which is an administrative grade.



Due to very few vacancies resulting from inadequate funding from treasury, most teachers end up retiring before reaching the upper job groups having received many regret letters.



Job stagnation is one greatest cause of teacher burnout in schools which greatly affects productivity.



Nevertheless, some workers Within public service seem to be having a field day when it comes to Promotions.



One worker with Nyamira county government got promoted from job group L to P between 2016 to 2019 hence has been earning huge pay in terms of salaries and allowances every year.


Making the damning revelation, Nyamira county governor  Amos Nyaribo said that the worker and others got promoted through computer and that proper procedure was never followed.



According to people daily, the public service bord of Nyamira county government doesn’t have Proper details on how those people were promoted.


The governor Said that all of them will be demoted and surcharged of the millions that they have been earning illegally.



The governor however gave the 1000 affected workers an opportunity to Appeal the decision if they felt that their rights were violeted.



Most government agencies are plagued with the problems dubious Promotions and it is full  of ghost workers.Agencies normally try to clean the payrolls to curb this menaces.








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