Official, teachers-left-in-dilemma-about-grades-3-4-5-6-exams-for-2021-as-they-expect-knec-to-communicate

The Government is determined to see that the learners get what they deserve.The change in the curriculum is meant to equip the learners with skills that will greatly help them in future.



The outgoing system has been downgraded for promoting rote knowledge where the students aim at passing the exams instead of acquiring skills.




KNEC had began admitting assessment tests for the students in grade 3 to class 8.Last year’s candidates did KNEC assessment tests after they reported back to schools in October.



The teachers expect such assessment tests this year too now that term one programs have commenced.However,it is not clear when these exams will be done



The timetables for grade five and class six assessment tests are out as below but the modalities are not clear for the teachers.



The council has not specified when these exams will be available on its portal for the teachers to start downloading them.The timetables have climaxed up the confusions.



The confusions have been even witnessed in the KNEC’s portal.For instance,when KNEC released a guidance how the candidates can check their registration,a teacher,Kevin Odiwuor asked the council about this to avoid the dilemma



Hopefully,the teachers will get some guidance from the council soon since the Council will possibly answer these questions on clarifications.



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