Official TSC scoresheet for secondary Intern Teachers Recruitment August 2021

After unveiling the permanent employment marking scheme  in 2021, the Teacher Services Commission has again come up with a  new 2021 intern teacher employment marking scheme that will be used during the internship Recruitment Exercise.



In the news scoresheet, the TSC has returned to its traditional way of giving marks to candidates.


In the intern marking scheme, applicants in the second upper class will now receive 5 marks more than the lower class  grade, as opposed to a permanent employment scoresheet where both could obtain the same marks.



However, Diploma and Degree students from the same year of graduation and the same  degree of education qualification will continue to receive the same marks as they will go for Internship employment.



The upcoming  recruitment exercise will see about 6,000 teachers employed as intern  in primary and secondary schools.



Following the advertisement, the commission invited candidates to apply online , after which the Teachers Service Commission and management boards will be required to invite the successful candidates to interviews at selected educational facilities in every particular subcounty


The Selection Panel will be expected to operate at the highest level of transparency and accountability, as set out in the Code of Conduct for Public Authorities, and the TSC Code of Conduct and Ethics 2015.



The Head of Institutions is required to include panel members in the relevant sections of the Act and CORT 2015 of choice.



The Director of TSC County MUST ensure that the recruitment process is carried out in strict accordance with the guidelines set by the Department of Health on the content of the COVID-19 epidemic to prevent the spread of the virus.



All applicants must be registered teachers in terms stipulated by  Section 23 (1) of the Teacher Services Commission Act, 2012. Unregistered applicants do not qualify for employment and the application process.



Applicants applying for confirmation of results from KNEC must provide the address of the Regional Director where they have submitted their applications.



Applicants whose names are different from certificates and / or identity cards are required to submit a sworn affidavit in the name variation so as to prove their identity.



Applicants who did the  KCPE or KCSE  tests more than once  MUST submit certified copies of the national certificate (s) potraying their grades in each case.



Here is the scoresheet to be used during employment


Degree (BED)

First class – 35

Second Class Upper- 30

Second Class Lower- 25

Pass- 20

Degree + PGDE or BSC+PGDE

First class – 35

Second Class Upper – 30

Second Class Lower – 25

Pass – 20

Diploma + Dip Tech Education

Distinction – 35

Credit – 30

Pass – 20

Diploma in Education

Distinction – 30

Credit – 25

Pass – 20

Maximum Score 35

Another very  important thing is the length of stay at home after graduation. This carries marks which are important. The table below shows how marks are awarded according to the length of stay.


2015 and before – 50

2016 – 45

2017 – 40

2018- 35

2019 – 30

2020 and after – 25


Awarding of Marks for Length of stay for those previously employed by TSC


2020 and after- 50

2019-2019 – 45

2017-2018 – 40

2017- 30

2016 and before – 25


Participation in co-curricular activities carries  a maximum of 1 mark, communication ability carries a maximum of 2 marks, students academic performance (evidence of exam records) has a maximum of 1 mark and special talent(s) has a maximum of 1 mark.



In this section no candidate should score zero marks. Remember having a well commanding voice and being dressed in official attire is an added advantage.

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