Official, TSC to continue with delocalization exercise after completing the following exercise

Teachers Service Commission is all set to execute the suspended mass transfer of teachers after successful Covid19 vaccination of teachers.




The exercise was planned to take place in July, but was put on hold due to the rising number of COVID-19 infections and deaths in some areas. This made it impossible to exercise. However, TSC promised that it would carry out the exercise when it was safe to do so.




Last month the commission forced all the teachers to take the Covid19 vaccination as per the instructions of the government. Now it appears that TSC is using the jab to carry out delocalization. Opponents of the practice have been using the pandemic to deny recent transfers.




It was believed that in the previous term up to 4,000 teachers were to be localised. Most of those targeted were school heads and representatives serving in their own home counties, as well as those who had served in the same station for a maximum of nine years. Formulation policy has been a controversial issue and has caused protests among teachers.




2021 will mark a second group of classroom teachers to move away from their current working counties to other counties.



After the practice started in 2019, the commission asked to stop the mass transfer of teachers despite public outcry due to COVID. 19 Implications.




Nancy Macharia, on her part, says that the aim is that the transfer classroom will provide teachers with a new work environment and also take advantage of their vast experience.



He also said that this would help in reducing ethnicity which is a “cancer” in the country as it is the teachers who shape the future of the country.




The Commission started the delocalization exercise in January 2018. Other large-scale deployments will take place in April, August and December of the same year. However, in April 2019, the commission slowed down the transfers as only a few administrators were transferred.




The practice has seen the transfers of thousands of long-serving principals and school heads; Some with support and others opposed the formulation policy. Many school administrators went so far as to serve in their homes.




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