Official, TSC to Introduce a digital application that will help them monitor teachers Absenteeism

Teacher absenteeism was thought to have been dealt with when TSC  introduced  the mandatory daily lesson attendance registers which the class secretaries record daily lesson attendance of every teacher.



According to the latest news, the  paper work will not be in use again as sooner as possible as TSC has  reportedly found  a new and effective way that it will use to monitor the daily lesson attendance of every teacher in schools across the country.



TSC’s CEO Dr Nancy Macharia highlighted that the data  that every teacher enters in TPAD indicated some many anomalies  and lacked enough information that TSC required  during the press release of the report on the data filled in the just concluded Term One appraisals,




Dr.Macharia said  that the system upgrade on the TSC App was in its final stages. The new system will see addition of online applications for several leaves, like study leave and maternity leave, etc,  so as much  paperwork applications will be avoided such just like online transfers and causalities  have been recently put into  effect.




Additionally, the commission through its spokesperson, Ms. Beatrice Wababu, reiterated that the commission is on the verge of improving and including other features on the TSC Kenya app that could enhance effective monitoring of teachers on matters pertaining  to school reporting and when he or she is  off duty.





This planned system upgrade could include a unique feature where each teacher would be logging-in on arrival, and also sign-out on departure from duty at appropriate time. The feature also will enable teachers who could be absent from school to ask a permission directly from TSC, one day  earlier, so as to be approved or to be declined from being off duty the day that will follow



This move was even praised by the TSC’s Director in charge of ICT, Mr Charles Gichira, who said that the need for the upgrade of the TSC app has come at  the right  time when TSC commission is trying to digitize its services for effective service delivery.




Therefore, the decision by TSC will enable it to execute its services effectively and efficiently to satisfy the needs of teachers beyond the grassroots level.




Do you support the digital application that will be rolled out sooner to curb teachers absenteeism? If yes give share your thoughts below in the comment section






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  1. Karigi Elias Nzari TSC 343800 says

    I support it 100%%