Official,Good news to teachers as TSC plans to announce internship vacancies on this month, Check out the requirements and get prepared

After employing more than six thousand teachers this year, the Teachers Service Commission intends to recruit more interns to help meet its goal on 100% transition.




The Teacher Service Commission has been recruiting intern teachers and has been giving the first priority while employing teachers on permanent basis.

The commission started recruiting intern teachers in 2020. During the 2020 mass recruitment, the commission awarded teacher interns 10 marks on top of what they had.




This move saw many teachers serving under internship being absorbed permanently.


This year the Teacher Service Commission surprised many teachers by making big changes that saw almost all interns teacher being employed by the commission on permanent basis.



The commision awarded the teachers serving under internship 30 marks on top of their marks.


The TSC has announced that the recruitment exercise will commence in November 2021.


The internship teachers serving the commission in 2020 received a salary of ksh 15000 which was raised to Ksh 20000 in year 2021 for secondary school teacher interns. Primary school interns were paid Ksh 10000 in 2020 which was increased to 15000 the following year. This has given hope for teachers that this year’s salary will see an increment.

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