Official:Teachers who trained for CBC have a reason to smile after the Ministry of education releases this important information

The recently enrolled education system in Kenya, the CBC, that is already in grade 4 is just a resemblance of the Mexican education system, and these forced the Kenyan ministry to plan for a benchmark visit for a pilot exercise to execute what really Kenya lacks, and what they can do to match the South American side’s system of education.



Quality education is usually an aspiration of all countries to make sure that its citizens are learned, and can be able to successfully fit in the ever evolving society.


The exclusive cooperates from the ministry of education had a special visit to Mexico in early 2020 to learn more on how the CBC could be soldiered on and be successful, without crushing on the way.



According to the reports from the special benchmarking tour that the selected officials from the ministry of education, the survey concluded that the nature of schools in Mexico are fully funded by the government and are totally free.



Also noted that, due to the high school drop out rates that have been in the past, the Mexican government made education to be compulsory, and every child is entitled to enroll in any course they aspire to be in furure.



Furthermore, the teacher and a medical officer are the most specially treated icons in Mexico. There has been a remarkable improvement in teachers’ perks to cushion the effects from Covid-19, something that the Kenyan body, SRC, must learn from.



The lowest teacher is reported to pocket about 13000 MXN (about Ksh 70 000), with the highest teacher earning about 41000 MXN (about Ksh 240000), something that has boosted the morale of teachers, hence the good education system that has been improved drastically, making them raising in ranks each and every year.


The reports clearly stated that Mexico has been the highest hit nation by Covid-19, whose fatality rate was among the highest as per the countries’ recorded data.



However, the COVID-19 situation didn’t affect badly the economic status of the nation of our nation . The issue of review of salaries was not a priority, since the salary increament of teachers went on without any excuse of Covid-19 or anything.



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