Only Few Grade 6 Pupils Will Be Selected to High School For Junior Secondary Education

According to Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha, Grade Six students who will be transitioning to junior secondary schools under the new Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) must apply for the available spots.


In January of the following year, the students are anticipated to move up to Grade 7.


“First, the kids will have to apply, and we’ll let them know how many places are available. The procedure is almost finished. In order to put the children, we encourage the private schools—which we will declare are prepared for junior secondary schools—to permit the kids to apply on the public platform.


After a check to see if private schools were ready to welcome JSS, he spoke at Moi Educational Centre. The CS stated that students in Grade Seven will not be boarding at the new institutions.


In addition, Prof. Magoha stated that the government intends to enroll Grade 7 students from public schools in private schools to reduce the likelihood of fierce rivalry as a result of the anticipated double intake in January.


It is anticipated that the entrance of Form One students under the 8-4-4 system and Grade Seven students would put a strain on the infrastructure. Parents should not worry about the Grade Seven pupils because all of the students will be accommodated by both public and private institutions. We will handle the transfer with 10,000 courses from public schools and another 5,000 from private institutions, said Magoha.


Parents don’t need to transfer their children to new schools, the CS stated, adding that “competition would only appear after attending the senior secondary schools in Grace 10.”


It is crucial that parents of children already enrolled in private schools keep them in the junior secondary programs developed inside such institutions so that the fierce rivalry that follows the completion of Standard Eight is postponed till Year 10.


When students begin to compete now for the Senior school, they will even be a little older than normal because they only have one more year, according to Prof. Magoha.


Additionally, the CS rejected the claim that the CBC implied that pupils entered high school at a young age and that teachers were unprepared to deal with them.


“Who made the claim that our professors lacked proper training? We have 12-year-olds both today and in the past at this school. The age gap between a 12- and 14-year-old is not very significant, as a doctor I can attest. Even their behavior has improved, he claimed.


According to Prof. Magoha, 1,296 out of 5,000 CBC lessons have been finished, with the project still ongoing. Before the government turned them over to elementary schools, he pledged to see that every classroom was finished.

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