Over 200, 000 teachers to be disciplined by the government due to the following reasons

The Government is tasked with the responsibility of ensuring that every Kenyan is safe.


However,the security of Kenyans sometimes becomes some great worry.



The death of the two Embu brothers who died in the hands of the police officers is still a mistery with questions rife about the kind of brutalities that the police officers do subject the citizens to.



Even as the security of Kenyans become a challenge,Covid-19 pandemic has made nearly everyone insecure.



The 4th wave of the Delta variant is traumatising majority of Kenyans who have been victims in one way or another.



In the recent preparedness report released by TSC,a total of 73 teachers have passed on due to Covid-19 pandemic.


There have been measures being put in schools to keep the virus at bay.The wave of possible infections in schools is worrying the country.


Last week saw Ngorano secondary school get closed due to infections among the students.


It now disturbing to learn that some teachers have deliberately refused to go for the vaccine despite the Government giving them the first priority.



Last week ended with reports of Busia teachers refusing to go for the jab.However,the teachers and the civil servants who have refused to go for the jab have now been dealt a blow.



Government is set to discipline workers who will have no been vaccinated by 23rd August.At the moment,over 200,000 teachers have not been vaccinated as per the statistics.



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