Pain to kenyans as KPLC Electricity Bills Set to shoot high this Month

Kenyan citizens together with those other permitted outsiders in Kenya are going to pay a total amount of 26.57 Kenyan Shillings per unit of electric power they consume this month as electricity charges from higher tariffs.




It has been noticed by Kbn news update that since November 2018 when the Energy and Petroleum Regulation Authority (EPRA)  reviewed the schedule of the tariffs, this is going to be the highest electric bill  cost ever encountered in the records.




The cost per Kilowatt (KWh) has shot up by Ksh.1.80 as compared to last month when the Kenyans used to pay for a total of Ksh. 24.77 for every Kilowatt (KWh) that was consumed.



It has been noticed from the new gazetted electricity tariffs by the Energy and Petrolium Regulation Authority (EPRA) that the Water Resource Management Authority Levy (WRMA) has also raised the water bill from Two cents which was bieng paid last month to a total of Ksh. 1.60




This shocking sharp rise on the water bills comes as a result of the deal which the government had made last month with the World bank that has resulted to a sharp rise on the regulatory charges on the water companies and in turn the companies raise the water charges in order to cover the high and rising operational and maintenance costs.




Early this week, the Energy and Petrolium Regulation Authority (EPRA) announced an increment in the fuel pricing. This has resulted to a rising cost charge on fuel from Ksh. 3.77 to a total amount of Ksh. 3.88. This is the cost that covers power generation from thermal generators like the commonly known diesel generators.




The organisation which covers for foreign exchange fluctuations deals by KPLC has also risen from 69 cents to 77 cents.



In additional to the high prices on petrol and diesel, the rise in both electric and water bills is going the make the cost of living of the Kenyans to be very high as compared to the past times.



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