Parents should know this important information as Form ones report to schools tomorrow

Form one for the year 2021 are scheduled to report to various school across the country as from tomorrow 2nd August 2021.


This is after the students have stayed home for a period of 5 months. They had to wait for this entire period for the commencement of new academic year 2021 which eventually began  on 26th July 2021.


Most of parents downloaded the admission letter for their kids earlier as the selection results was released in mid June. This was to enable them start the preparation of purchasing basic necessities for their kids.


As parents are preparing to take their kids tomorrow here are some things you need to be aware of.

-For those students who will be travelling longer distances to schools, parents are advised to have their fare tickets ready as today in preparation of tomorrow journey.


This is to avoid rush hour travel which may result missing of means of transport due to the number of students travelling to various schools.


On addition, Hundreds of thousands of students will be travelling frpm every part of the country and this will definitely cause a lot of jam at travelling stations.


To avoid being caught by the jam, you are advised to wake as early as possible so as you won’t be delayed for school and your journey back too.


Another information you need to know is that,. Most schools provide uniforms and other learning materials during admission.


In relation to that, the charges of the other materials may not be potrayed in the admission letter you had downloaded, so you are advised to carry with you enough money to avoid being stuck on admission day due to shortages of money.


To avoid lining for  long for the purpose of admission, you need to be in school compound as early as 7:00am. This will really easen your work and save time for your journey back home.


After your kid is admitted, you must ensure that all his or her belongings are well labelled. The purpose of labelling is to avoid theft cases which always occurs due to confusion. If your son or daughter belongings get lost, the feeling of panic will always develop hence may lead to him or her running away from school.


On addition remember the school is going to be a new environment for your boy or girl. After admission is done, ensure you accompany your boy or girl to their dormitories.


In the  dormitory, Ensure he or she  given a new matress and  the dom  environment is completely clean. Through this, the child is able to have a friendly  environment as he or she starts a new high school life.

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