*pay boom to all BOM Teachers across the country regarding today’s announcement*

The teachers employed on BOM terms are currently under consistent layoffs. They are facing real-life challenges that could be addressed amicably without forceful dismissal.



Their services in schools are always commendable, and if someone might think of relinquishing their duties, then he/she has to act wisely.



According to exclusive reports, the success of several schools always depend on the fresh graduates who are contracted on BoM terms, and their work greatly determine the extent to which schools perform both in national exams and internal assessments.




Although the heads of institutions are trying to comply with the commission’s directive of weekly minimum number of lessons a teacher should handle which should not be less than 25, they should not just do it carelessly as the services of the same teachers might be required in future.



Some teachers, as one of them said, are the breadwinners in their families, and hence they should be considerate before laying them off.



The way school administrators are handling uncalled resignation to some teachers has been condemned in the strongest terms possible by the vocal teachers union, KUPPET.



The Secretary General, Mr Akello Misori, urged the school heads to keep such teachers on board, instead of rushing for uninformed decisions, as they negotiate with the commission to review the policy of minimum lessons a teacher should have per week. This will at least give hope to such teachers, instead of letting them go unwillingly.




According to KUPPET, the TSC’s program of employing teachers on contractual terms, the intern, has tried to solve the long-term issue on teacher shortage in the educational institutions.




However, the same program has had a negative impact to the teachers on BoM terms, as it has claimed jobs of majority of teachers, rendering them jobless.




“The intern program is good. However, if these teachers are always paid by the government, what effect do they have on the schools’ internal payroll of teachers on BOM?” Mr Misori claimed.




He also added that if the commission needs teachers to have a minimum of 25 lessons per week, then schools with more than four streams might suffer, since in most schools, teachers on board are more than those employed by the commission.




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