Prepare to go back to class or else kiss goodbye your payslips, TSC declares

The teachers across the country have found themselves pushed to the corner by their employer Teachers Service Commission due to the recently rolled out TPD programme for teachers.



TSC initially was at  loggerheads with the former KNUT secretary general, Wilson Sossion, who was deregistered by the commission for changing his mind and decided to join  politics.



The commission went ahead to allow teachers willfully exit the union . The appointment of the new KNUT secretary general has increased the teachers misery.  Mr. Oyuu together with the other counterpart in Kuppet went on and  signed  a non monetary CBA.



Teachers will also be required to pay for Teachers professional development (TPD).  The amount for each module will be 6,000 shillings. The rollout of the TPD modules by TSC has really received a lot criticism from teachers



They have blamed the employer from suppressing them  to the corner forcing them to go for the refresher trainings courses. TSC has even threatened them that failure to enroll for the programme will lead to the losing their jobs.



Honorable Wilson sossion through  the last Sunday  nation came out clearly and explained that  the commission fought him so hard to see him out of the union and finally succeeded. He further said through his exit all  the unions are tamed.



He said  the unions  let the teachers down when they signed an empty CBA. All teachers stayed away from me when i needed them most, here now comes the result of abandoning me, sossion stated.



Teachers should however brace for the tough times ahead. With hard economic times presented by the covid-19, teachers should prepare to go back to school or else lose teaching certificate and even their jobs.



TSC has even outlined that in the next promotion exercise the TPD modules certificates will be much considered.(The view above is my personal opinion)



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