principals directed by TSC to submit details of teachers who have enrolled for TPD modules urgently

The teacher employer’s circular regarding registration for training for module one on TPD has put the school heads in an awkward position. Some chiefs could not believe the information in the circular until they had to conduct their boss in the sub-county to verify the authenticity of the said circular.


As per reports, the matter related to compulsory training of teachers on TPD is still in court and hearing is going on. Should the decision be in favor of the respondent, then the teachers would have no one but to nominate the module engaged.



However, the commission has received some criticism from other stakeholders in education powerhouses such as CEMASTEA, claiming that the TSC leadership has refused to listen to experts.


As the reports suggest, teachers are always there for training purposes in every holiday. Workshops, such as SMASE training and those that are related to individual topics, are always carried out and always produce promising results.


Experts from SMASE and CEMASTEA came to save the module from commencement, and reiterated that the trainings are in line with current affairs,  and the aim is  to shape teachers with the changing environmental aspects of education as far as the new curriculum is concerned.


He therefore had a contrary opinion that TSC should consult the CEMASTEA group, and see whether it can incorporate its intended objectives into CEMASTEA’s program and work together as a team.



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