Principals who Turned Away Form One Students Given Short Notice to Hand in Show Cause Why Letters

The only week of trouble, drama and uncertainty that parents will live to remember is the opening week of 2nd August 2021, which has been full of mourning to some parents who were eager to see their children being admitted in their schools of choice.



The admissions has ever been manual in the past, but ever since the online admission came into implementation, many students have found confusions and rude shocks as some boys could be admitted to girls’ schools or vice versa.




Recently, some of the pupils were in shock when they were being turned away by the school managers where they were expected to start their second journey of 8-4-4 system.



The unclear thing is that the boys and girls were downloading their admission letters from the Ministry of Education website, which were in pdf format, and they could not manipulate the information outlined by editing anything on the letters whatsoever.



Therefore, they were to join by the way the letter states. How comes the students miss in the NEMIS list when their letters say so?



The moves taken by the school administrators who were involved in such bizarre actions have been under the scrutiny by the ministry of education, together with the TSC, to establish what really happened on the ground that the outside world are yet to know.




The investigations have been given the utmost priority, and as per the sensitivity of the matter at hand, the involved culprits might face stringent actions that they will live to regret in their remaining period of teaching.



According to reports, the administrators involved have been commanded to explain in written what really transpired during the process, and the letters of show cause why, are to reach the respective offices of the County Directors of Education within 24 hours.




However, welwishers and experts have advised the culprits to state categorically what happened and why they chose to act in such manners, lest they burry their jobs in the sand. But will they jump the rope safely?





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