*Prof Magoha and Dr Jwan to officiate a 3 day primary schools heads conference meeting in Mombasa*

Headteachers from across the country began arriving in Mombasa yesterday for the annual delegates conference of the Kenya Primary School Heads Association (Kepsha).


The teachers began arriving in buses and booking hotels in Mombasa County and nearby Mtwapa in Kilifi County in preparation for the conference, which would be held at the Sheikh Zayed Children Welfare Centre in Nyali sub-county.


Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the conference was cancelled last year.


Kepsha national chairman Johnson Nzioka announced yesterday that approximately 10,000 headteachers will gather to discuss effective leadership in schools for improved learning.

Prof George Magoha, Cabinet Secretary for Education, and Dr Julius Jwan, Principal Secretary for Early Learning and Basic Education will officiate at the three-day conference.


He stated that stakeholders will discuss the progress made in the implementation of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC) over the last five years in order to ensure its success.


“As a key stakeholder, Kepsha is an interested party and would like to see the success of CBC. That is why this year’s conference is critical since it will help us to have a look into the success and mitigate any gaps that the curriculum may have faced five years on,” said Nzioka.


The theme, he says, is ‘The Headteacher: Leading in Crisis, Remaining the Future.’


Nzioka explained that in recent years, new headteachers have taken on school leadership roles and require additional skill sets to effectively execute their duties.

He stated that the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic have already constrained the education system, forcing teachers to change their teaching methods.


“Teachers have recently made to provide remote learning, support vulnerable populations, reopen schools and ensure that learning gaps in the curriculum are being mitigated,” said Nzioka.


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